With over 15 years supporting technology, PC Solutions of Texas is able to streamline the support process and manage devices for optimal use and performance.                    

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Unmatched Value

Our "partnership" approach to our clients has always put our clients needs first so that their performance and success will ultimately be the measure of our Service's value and effectiveness.  Our Admin-As-A-Service packages get Enterprise Level Technology Support Architechture to the budgeting Small Business and Residential Market.                    

Imagine a world where websites actually anticipate your next move. Technology is fast on its way there !  Technology is most effective when the hardware, software and administration of the necessary operating environment are in unison. Helping clients get the most return from their technology investment has always been our motto.

Our Resources

PC Solutions of Texas has been able to resolve a large number of issues for our clients over the years. With technology changing daily, core knowledge and support resources on and off line can make the difference between a quick fix and hours of waited time and money.                 

Industry Certifications

Knowledge of specific product and version is one of the main reasons for the Microsoft Certification.  This industry recognized certification as well as several others are the sign of a Professional.