- Spyware, Malware, Adware, PopUp Scan and Removal
- Virus Scan and Removal
- Data Recovery & Password Recovery
- Software / Hardware Upgrades and Installation
- Cable / DSL Internet Installation and Troubleshooting
- Wireless Installation and Troubleshooting
- System Clean-up and Increase Speed
- All Windows critical updates/reinstallation
- Email Installation, Troubleshooting, and Training
- Installation of hardware (memory, hard drive, printer, scanner, etc)
- Blue screen or failure to boot
- System Crashes

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   There are no knowledgeable and Professional support options for the Residential and Small Business segment of end users. The current support options in the market do not address the root causes of the user's issue  and fail to educate the users on proactive security and maintenance.  This is why clients of PC Solutions of Texas love our service and the performance they get from devices under our management.

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   For the Home or Entrepreneur's Home Office, products and support tailored to the speed of today's ever changing family and technology environment. When PC Solutions of Texas manages your devices and security, you save TIME and MONEY​  !

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Computer Support Services

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"The right tool for the right job,"  still rings true even in today's digital age.  With all the tools Technology makes available to Business, the right device still needs the security and maintenance to perform to its top capabilities. PC Solutions of Texas partners with Businesses to maximize revenues and technology ROI.

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