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  Technology is most valuable asset of any private or business entity. From house, cars and appliances to automated warehousing, drone delivery and database analytics, computing makes the world go around.  

  Enterprises have large budgets for the administration and upkeep of these mission critical assets. The best professionals, security practices and softwares are spared no expense.  Downtime and loss of productivity are greatly mitigated by the proactive steps and policies that are put in place.  The root cause of issues are documented once resolved so that the End User makes one report of an issue and never has the negative experience of recurring errors and loss of productivity.  The focus around First Call Resolution in the Enterprise is what feds into the culture that enables high uptime an low loss of productivity.  The Enterprise is able to administer the many steps and policies that are required for the secure end user experience and quick resolution of issues.

Where does this leave  Residential and Small Business? The smaller budgets and Agendas of the Retail and Computing Manufactures that dominate the industry put everyone below the enterprise level in a Void of adequate support.  PC Solutions of Texas fills this support gap with affordable support options based on each client's variables.

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